Quality Service

At Genesus One Enterprise Inc. We believe in providing quality work and guaranteed service satisfaction. Well established in both the public and private sectors with a 14 year track record of clients from many different industries. From heavy construction to interior, remodeling, renovations, roofing, flooring, excavation, building and reparation projects at Genesus One we do it ALL. Whether you have a small or large project we value each client the same. When you contract us you get the finest craftsmanship, dedication, and service because we strive for excellence.

Below are some notable examples of the many projects that we have worked on to our clients full satisfaction:

Notable Projects

Job Description: Library Renovations
Date: 06/2012 to Present
Job Location: Robert Goddard H.S.

Date: 06/2012 – 9/2012
Job Location: PS 20K

Date: 12/21/10– 10/2011
Job Location: PS 161K

Date: 8/29/09– 1/2010
Job Location: P.S. 207K

Job Description: Auditorium Renovations
Date: 07/2012 to 11/2012
Job Location: PS 180K

Job Description: Science Lab Renovations
Date: 11/21/09– 8/2010
Job Location: I.S. 2R

Job Description: Public Space Renovations
Date: 12/8/10 – 8/2011
Job Location: PS 46 Q


Job Description: Scupper Grating Replacement Goethals Bridge
Date: 04/2012 – 06/2012
Job Location: Goethals Bridge, New Jersey




Job Description: CMU, brick, glass block and ceramic tile installation
Date: 02/2013 – 04/2013
Owner: NYC Buses / Oliveira Contracting, Inc.
Job Location: La Guardia Bus Terminal

Job Description: CMU, brick, glass block and ceramic tile installation
Date: 10/2012 to present
Owner: NYCTA / Oliveira Contracting, Inc.
Job Location: Hunts Point Elevator

Job Description: Renovation of Processing Center
Date: 5/2006 – 5/2008
Owner: TBTA/El Sol Contracting
Job Location: Randalls Island, New York

Job Description: Excavating, handling, and disposal of contaminated material.
Date: 8/10/09 – 12/2009
Owner: NYC D.D.C./CAC Industries Inc.
Job Location: Far Rockaway, NY

Date 2/4/08– 8/2008
Owner: NYC D.D.C./CAC Industries Inc.
Job Location: Brooklyn, NY

Job Description: Maintenance Painting of Apartments
Date: 1 Yr Contract – 2003 – 2004
Owner: NYCHA
Location: Brooklyn, New York


Job Description: Renovation of Auto Maintenance Garage
Date 2/2007– 12/2007
Owner: D.O.T./El Sol Contracting co.
Job Location: L.I.C., New York


Job Description: Removal and replacement of façade and roofing
Date: 2/2006 – 5/2006
Job Location: Metropolitan Hospital, NY

Date: 7/2006 – 9/2006
Job Location: City College New York


Job Description: Renovation of apts.
Date 03/2005 – 2/2007
Job Location: Ennis Francis Houses, New York, NY

City College New York School of Architecture, Urban Development, and Landscape ArchitecturePrint
Job Description: Façade repair, roofing and window work

Date: 05/ 2013 to Present
Owner: Trey Whitfield School
Job Location: Brooklyn, NY

Date: 10/2011 – 01/2012
Owner: St. Simeon Housing
Job Location: Bronx, NY

Date: 2/2011
Owner: Wrenbrook/Warbrook Realty
Job Location: 206/208/216 W. 147th Street

Job Description: Exterior Work

Date: 7/2004 – 1/2005
Owner: Arverne By The Sea
Job Location: Arverne, NY
Job Description: Excavation of 121 homes.

Date: 11/2004 – 1/2005
Owner: Arverne By The Sea
Job Location: Arverne, New York
Job Description: Approximately 6 acres of site-clearing to prepare for excavation.

Job Description: Interior Renovations

Date: 7/2010– 9/2010
Job Location: Brooklyn, New York

Date: 12/2006 – 4/2006
Owner: Neighborhood Laundromat
Job Location: Brooklyn, New York

Date: 6/2005 – 12/2005
Owner: 138th St. Realty
Job Location: New York, New York
Job Description: Rehab/Alteration for four story Apartment Unit


Why Choose Us

      • 14 years of experience with a proven track record of satisfied clients.
      • Certified with all state and city authorities.
      • Established company in both the public and private sector.
      • Qualified, well trained and experience personnel.
      • We strive for excellence on every project.

What Client’s Say

The men are very meticulous in their approach to the entire job. They work very hard and are careful to every detail. These men will be a great asset to your company!
Joe, Bronx NY
Workers were very professional and considerate.Genesus renovated my kitchen/bathroom and bedrooms. I love my new home and it looks amazing!!
Phil, Harlem NY
My home located in a Landmark District I was in search of company that would be able to restore the historical details/designs and preserve my brownstone building from further deterioration. Genesus highly recommended and I am very pleased with their work!
Anthony, Bushwick Brooklyn
Thanks for your superb service. Our school’s library is a amazing and our students are inspired to learn. We are completely beyond satisfied with the outcome.!
Phillip , PS 115
Thanks to the renovated exterior and sidewalk of our auto repair shop our business has increased dramatically! Genesus did a fantastic job!
Isaiah, Forest Hills Queens

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